Privilege and position

The Lower North Shore is one of Sydney’s most prestigious and cosmopolitan regions in Australia. It encompasses the vibrant Villages of Neutral Bay, Cremorne and Mosman, which exude an unrivalled ambience, are brimming with vitality, and provide quick and easy access to the CBD and the business hubs of North Sydney and Chatswood, as well as the suburbs on the Northern Beaches, via public transport – bus, ferry, train – and private vehicle.

Here property is always in demand, but opportunities are rare.

One of the jewels of the Lower North Shore is Cremorne. Although connected to a bustling retail and business hub, Cremorne ambles at a more leisurely pace than neighbouring Neutral Bay. Yes, it has great restaurants, cafes, hotels and specialty shops, but Cremorne also provides opportunities for relaxation, with verdant parklands and the boundless beauty of Sydney Harbour, Middle Harbour and Balmoral Beach nearby.

  • Orpheum
  • The Oaks
  • fourth village

Among Cremorne’s treelined roads is Spofforth Street – a boulevard with a mixture of detached housing, terraces and apartment buildings – which slopes gently towards the harbour. On the corner of Spencer Road, is a rectangular block of 1,053sqm. This prime piece of real estate is where Phi will be built.